I was introduced to leadership research in 2007 at the University of Sydney. Through my Honours, I was initiated into discourse analysis by examining how CEOs framed their failures. The resulting thesis, When Leaders Fail, went on to be awarded First Class. My love for research was cemented on Valentine’s Day, 2008, when I was invited to present at a leadership and discourse seminar, which eventually led to an invited publication in Management Communication Quarterly and my enrolment in a PhD.

I began my PhD in July 2008 just as the global financial crisis emerged in Australia. I turned my attention to the local banking sector and examined how authenticity was constructed among the major bank CEOs in the media. I was awarded my degree in August 2012.

Shortly after I graduated, I joined Swinburne University of Technology as a Research Fellow, where my work explored ethical forms of leadership in banking and philanthropy. Within my first year, I accepted an ongoing position at Swinburne Business School, before joining University of Technology Sydney as a Senior Lecturer in 2016.

As I have grown into my own as a scholar, my research has taken more of a critical slant. My work attends to the gendered, raced, and classed nature of how we have come to understand ‘leadership’. Some of my recent projects are detailed below:

Leadership Theorising

Leadership Theorising

solo project

My study explores the politics of leadership theorising, in particular, the power dynamics that shape leadership knowledge production. It aims to pull back the curtain to how ‘leadership’ is brought into being by academics. My project was funded by the Management Discipline Group 2016 Grant Scheme.
Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability Leadership

with helena heizmann

We are fascinated by the rising interest in sustainability leadership. Despite its laudable goals to harness leadership towards ecologically sustainable practices, our study examines the tendencies to romanticise leadership as a panacea for environmental sustainability. Our project is funded by the Management Discipline Group 2016 Grant Scheme.
Leadership and Race

Leadership and Race

solo project

My study follows from my interrogation of whiteness in Leadership. In search of leadership where it is often overlooked, I conducted interviews with 21 Chinese Australian leaders across government and business. Emerging from my study are narratives of resistance, self-determination, and sensuality currently in the process of being written. My project was funded by the Faculty of Business and Law 2014 Grants Scheme.
Philanthropic Leadership

Philanthropic Leadership

with christopher baker

Our study was inspired by the heroic portrayals of Twiggy Forrest in the media following his decision to join The Giving Pledge. We conducted visual and verbal analyses of 18 Australian philanthropists in the media and found that they are depicted as ethical leaders via three paradoxical identities: Aristocratic Battlers; Caring Controllers; and Publicity-Shy Celebrities. Our project was funded by the Faculty of Business and Enterprise 2013 Grants Scheme.

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Teaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. During my PhD, I continuously taught alongside my candidature and have been honoured to be recognised by the University of Sydney Business School with a Dean’s Citation for Tutoring in all eight semesters I taught. At Swinburne Business School I coordinated the Honours degree and designed and delivered a rigorous Research Design and Methodologies coursework programme.

In my current role at University of Technology Sydney, I teaching strategic human resource management at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The 12-week curriculum covers the foundations of strategic HRM practice (including organisational culture, recruitment and staffing, training and development, performance management, and employee separation and retention) and critically challenges conventional managerial practice with deep dives into issues of diversity, power and social justice.

My teaching philosophy is informed by critical pedagogy (Freire, 1970); a learner-centred approach that aims to empower students towards positive social impact. Central to critical pedagogy is the concept of praxis, which refers to the connection between theory and practice. This notion drives my commitment to a rigorous research-led approach that at the same time grounds learning in students’ everyday practice. My overarching aim is to inspire my students to become critically reflexive lifelong learners who will challenge the narrow focus on profit that can otherwise be all too common in business schools.


Helena LiuHi, I’m Helena, and I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Management Discipline Group at UTS Business School in Sydney, Australia. My research and teaching reflect my interests in leadership, discourse, and power. I am preparing to launch a three-year ARC-funded project researching the relational intersections of race and gender in leadership. My previous work have explored the ways leaders navigate through crisis, account for failures, and enact their authenticity.

I was born in Fuzhou, China before moving to Sydney, Australia when I was five. Hearing about my parents’ experiences growing up during the Cultural Revolution instilled in me a fascination with the intersection between charisma and power and an insatiable appetite for leadership knowledge. When I’m not researching, I love to eat, take photographs, and play all manner of video games. I’m currently playing Divinity: Original Sin. I was even invited to deliver a presentation about gaming and how it informs my teaching.


University of Technology Sydney
1428 Ultimo Rd, Broadway,
NSW, 2007, Australia